Employees who flourish in their personal lives
excel in their professional lives.

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Dr. Dave Schramm, a Life Journey On Content Specialist, shares why Family Fundamentals are “The Secret Sauce to Booming Business”.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help businesses and organizations thrive by helping their employees flourish first. Our online platform gives employees access to world-class resources to help them overcome challenges, learn new skills, and thrive at home and work.

The Challenge

Millions of hours are lost each day because employees struggle to manage personal challenges at home and other life stressors.  Many bring these problems to work, distracting not only themselves but also those around them.  Work is the #3 source of stress for Americans. Relationships and family responsibilities combine to form #1 and money is #2. Stress and distraction are contagious and costly for businesses and overwhelming for employees. Without leaving work, where can they go to receive reliable and timely training, resources, and skillsets needed to overcome challenges and improve their life journey?

Stress and Distraction

$ 1

Lost in productivity due to stress and unhappiness

1 %
of employees

Are unengaged or actively disengaged

$ 1

Lost productivity due to marital distress

1 %
of employees

Want well-being resources from employers

Our Solution

Our award-winning online platform and app helps employees conquer the personal and professional barriers to flourishing at home and thriving at work. From articles, videos, and eBooks, to audio files and over 280 full-blown courses, we provide thousands of research-backed resources from managing personal finances and nutrition coaching to personal happiness and improving couple and parent-child relationships. All at your fingertips.

Perhaps your employees would benefit from online chats with a Registered Dietician or talk with an Accredited Financial Counselor or Certified Personal Coach to help with personal challenges and goals?  We offer all that too. Our professionals can provide onsite lunch and learns and speak at corporate events. We’ve even partnered with Blinkist to offer your employees access to the 15-minute versions of the best books on the planet for professional development.

 Our purpose? Empower individuals to reach their highest potential personally and professionally by giving them world-class resources that reduce stress and boost engagement, positivity, and productivity. We’re here to help you and your employees get your Life Journey On!

What We Offer

Get Your Life Journey On With Our Digital Platform. Our Platform Package Includes:

Unlike traditional Employee Assistance Programs that businesses pay for monthly but only about 5% of employees use, we only charge for employees who actually login and take advantage of the resources on Life Journey On. Why pay for employees who don’t use it? We’re not sure either…

Additional Options Include:

Professional Coaching

Our certified and experienced coaches cover numerous topics including: communication, leadership, relationships, mindset, youth and family, health, grief, spirituality, self-acceptance, limiting beliefs, goal setting, time management, self-sabotage, accountability, empowerment, assertion skills, hypnotherapy, self-compassion and more.

Personal Financial Coaching

Our accredited financial counselors and financial fitness coaches help individuals with personal financial questions, plans and struggles on topics such as money management, credit cards and loans, debt management, budgeting and smart spending strategies and financial planning and investing.

Monthly Bulk Coaching Hours

Rather than monthly subscriptions to unlimited phone coaching for employees, many organizations prefer to purchase hours of access to phone coaching in bulk, and then give them to employees when needed. We’ll help find a solution that works best for your team.

Corporate Speaking Events and Lunch and Learns

Options include both webinar and face-to-face professional presenters who can address a variety of topics. Tailored messages will be prepared for each speaking engagement based on the needs and goals of the organization and audience.

Blinkist Subscription

Fill in skill gaps, promote professional development and help your team stay sharp with Blinkist. Employees will have access to more than 3,500 top book titles across 27 categories including: personal development, marketing, communication skills, management and leadership, motivation and inspiration, happiness, and positive psychology. The best ideas from each book are summarized into 15-minute reads/audio.

When you're at your best,

you can give your best

How We're Different

We are much more than another wellness initiative or Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Consider us your Employee Flourishing Program. More than ping pong, yoga classes and free lunch at work, our research shows employees want trusted educational information and help on critical topics that will help them with serious personal matters such as physical and mental health, finances, nutrition, happiness, managing stress, personal relationships and parenting. Our online platform and app give them what they need, when they need it.

Did You Know??

In North America, it is estimated that only 6.9% of employees participate in their employer’s Employee Assistance Program? It’s even lower in Latin America (6.1%), Asia-Pacific (4.4%), Europe/Russia (2.2%) and Africa (1.8%). Here at Life Journey On, more than 65% of users are still actively engaging with our resources after 12 months! Invest in your employees’ Life Journey, positivity and personal lives before things get way off track.

Want to bring the most meaningful work perk to your workplace?

If you want access to the best science-backed resources to help you personally and in your family life, let us reach out to your workplace and let them know about Life Journey On!

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