Our Why

Our family here at Life Journey On is on a mission to enrich employees’ personal lives and strengthen their own families. Why? Because we believe some of the greatest joys in life are experienced outside of work, and as a company, our happiness stems from improving your employees’ health and happiness.

We exist to help employees with their personal struggles and stress that hold them back from enjoying life fully. We know life brings challenges—whether it’s personal finances, mental health battles, trials in marriage or parenting, grieving after a loss, or wanting to improve physical health and manage weight.

We believe the greatest investment a business can make is in the personal lives of their employees. When they flourish first at home and feel appreciated at work, science shows they will gladly give their very best on the job.

While the expectations for employees have never been higher, the reverse is also true: workers today expect employers to care about their wants and needs. Prioritizing employees’ health and happiness is no longer viewed as optional in most thriving industries.

At Life Journey On, we know what employees want and need to flourish in their personal lives. How? From surveying thousands of employees just like yours. They told us exactly what is most important to them, and how they want it delivered.

What Do Employees Want?

They want trusted, science-backed education and information that will help them in their personal and family lives.

We have been studying the science of flourishing for decades and we love witnessing employees overcome obstacles, learn new skills, experience growth, and improve their relationships.  We simply can’t wait for your employees to join those who are improving their life journeys!

Meet our Team

How Do They Want It Delivered?

Many employees told us they love the convenience of learning on-line and they enjoy engaging face-to-face with professionals who visit their workplace. They also shared that they want the best articles, videos, and access to the greatest books to guide them on their life journey—resources they can access without leaving work. 

We've heard them.
And we've responded.

Our World-Class Resources

Our award-winning, on-line platform and app are created by professors and professionals who not only have decades of experience developing and delivering research-based life-changing programs, but we put our own families and relationships first. We also travel to workplaces and provide face-to-face presentations and lunch and learns to help employees and answer their burning questions. 

And we also offer professional coaching for those who need some additional help. Simply put, we love working with businesses who share our passion for helping employees progress in their personal lives, family relationships, and professionally. It’s exciting, it’s challenging, and educational all at the same time. Think of us as a gym pass…for your life!

Ready to Get Your Life Journey On?

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